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Invited speakers

Professor Roland Buhl

Professor of Medicine, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Thursday 8th December

Biologics in Asthma – are we turning the corner

Dr Stephen P Newman

Scientific Consultant

Thursday 8th December

The challenge of delivering inhaled drugs to the lungs

Julian Dixon

Director of Human Factors, Team Consulting

Wednesday 7th December

Human Factor Considerations in Inhaler Innovation

Professor Glyn Taylor, BSc PhD MIoD

Chairman of Cardiff Scintigraphics Limited

 Thursday 8th December

Next generation formulations for pMDIs

Fintan Keegan

Head of Technical Operations, Adapt Pharma

Thursday 8th December

Nasal delivery of naloxone

Dr Tim Noakes

Medical Products Technical Associate, Mexichem

Thursday 8th December

The Future of Propellants for pMDIs


Stephen Fowler

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician, University of Manchester

Friday 8th December

mHealth in asthma – friend or foe


Peter York, BSc, PhD, DSc, FRSC, CChem, FRPharmS, FAAPS

Chief Scientist

 Friday 8th December

Innovations in formulations to improve aerosol delivery

Dr Kev Dhaliwal

Senior Clinical Lecturer, MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh

 Friday 8th December

Multiplexed optical molecular sensing and imaging in the lungs

Contributor speakers

Mr Alejandro Nieto-Orellana

Polymer-protein-based dry powder for efficient pulmonary protein delivery

Dr Antonio Cabal

In-silico lung modeling platform for inhaled drug delivery

Mr Mark Sanders

Aspergillus fumigatus in valved holding chambers: use of silver ion additive technology on fungal activity and aerosol delivery characteristics

Dr Barzin Gavtash

Multi-physics theoretical approach to predict pMDI spray characteristics

Mr Ahmed O. Shalash

Carrier microstructure and performance of dry powder inhalation mixtures: A step towards universal performance prediction model

Dr Alan McKiernan

Novel techniques for characterising inhalers

Mr Mats Hertel

Influence of blender type on the performance of ternary dry powder inhaler formulations

Mr Mohammed Ali Selo

Characterisation of MRP1 in human distal lung epithelial cells in vitro

Mrs Rhamiya Mahendran

Anti-inflammatory activity of novel trans-stilbene sulfonamide analogues as potential novel therapeutic agents for lung disease

Dr Rémi Rosière

New lung-tumour-penetrating nanocarrier designed for aerosolized chemotherapy

Dr John N Pritchard

Innovations in nebulized delivery

Mr Ville Vartiainen

Development of inhalable drug formulations for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Mrs Mandana Azimi

Clinically relevant in vitro tests for the assessment of innovator and generic nasal spray products

Mr Jibriil Ibrahim

Oxytocin receptor expression but a lack of response to oxytocin in airway tissues

Mr Martin Jetzer

Investigating the effect of the force control agent magnesium stearate in fluticasone propionate dry powder inhaled formulations with single particle aerosol mass spectrometry (SPAMS)