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Society Honorary Member awarded prestigous International Aerosol Fellow Award

Congratulations to Professor Ian Colbeck who was awarded the International Aerosol Research Assembly’s prestigious International Aerosol Fellow Award at the recent International Aerosol Conference in St Louis.

The award recognizes outstanding contributions to aerosol science and technology through research, technical development, education and service.



Annual Aerosol Science Conference 2018 Abstracts & Presentations

The abstracts and presentations from our Annual Aerosol science Conference are now available for members to view here.

Developing Partnerships to Secure UK Research Capacity in Aerosol Science

A recent Society member led event, represents the first step towards the co-creation of training and research programmes with academia that are considered essential by our public sector & industry partners. 

You can now view the Final Report regarding the Society’s role in building a UK research and innovation pipeline in aerosol science.

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