Aerosol Science Career Development Grant

Deadline: 30th September 2023

The Aerosol Society is passionate about supporting aspiring researchers in aerosol science. This flexible grant is intended to support new and emerging aerosol scientists by funding projects which contribute to a scientist’s career development. The grant can support scientists from public, private and university organisations. 

Since beginning this scheme (previously known as the Small Research Grant) in 2012, The Aerosol Society has awarded over £60,000 enabling the recipient members to develop exciting research projects in aerosol science. Individual grants are typically in the range of £2500 to £5000.

The Aerosol Science Career Development Grant is open to all projects concentrating on aerosol science which fall outside the area of drug delivery to the lungs – for projects in this area, please see DDL Career Development Grant.

Upon completion of their project, recipients are requested to present this work at a relevant Aerosol Society meeting or conference.

Allen Haddrell (University of Bristol) demonstrating aerosol dispersal techniques to Michael Mosley.

Feedback from Kirsty Pringle, award winner  2019.

“I started to collaborate with Born in Bradford, and they included me on a large NIHR funded project; their project uses portable PM2.5 sensors which Jim and I have been working on.  The idea is to measure pupils exposure as they walk to and from school.  There are also static monitors in schools, as I proposed in the Aerosol Society grant.  Schools work is on hold at the moment though.  The Aerosol Soc grant was great as it was a way to help build this collaboration”

Terms & Conditions

1.     All applicants must be individual members or the applicant’s organisation must be a corporate member of The Aerosol Society and be resident in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.


2.    Applications for the Aerosol Science Career Development Grant should be focused on any area of aerosol science, excluding projects specifically furthering research into drug delivery to the lungs. For these projects, please apply for the DDL Career Development Grant.


3.     Applications are invited from the university and industrial sectors.


4.     The award is open to scientists with a PhD whose post will outlast the duration of the proposed research project.  Applicants must have received their PhD within the last 8 years, adjusting for any career breaks or part time working.


5.     Applicants can not hold any independent research grant funding at the time of the award.


6.     A scientist with a PhD may act in support of an application from a person without a PhD (e.g. a PhD student). There are no constraints on the number of years post-PhD that the supporting scientist must be, or their research grant status.


7.     Funding is intended to be flexible and the Society will consider supporting any expenditure which supports the candidate’s career development. In many cases this will be purchase of key equipment, services not currently available to the applicant (e.g. microscopy), travel, consumables and specialist software. Salary costs may be eligible, but will need to be justified. Requesting a scientist’s salary for the project would not be viewed favourably, but paying for essential technical support may, for example, be acceptable if well justified. Overheads are not eligible. Please note that projects that request funds for equipment only may be viewed less favourably, unless an explicit link is made between the purchase of the equipment and the applicants personal career goals.


8.     It is a condition of the award that all equipment purchased will remain the property of The Aerosol Society until completion of the awarded project, and that work performed must be presented upon request at a meeting of The Aerosol Society following completion.


9.     Applicants should be aware that details of the successful award (title, awardees and scientific summary) will be published on The Aerosol Society website, newsletter and social media pages.

Previous Award Winners

Evgenia Ilyinskaya
Dr Kirsty Pringle
Archit Mehra
Dr Ruaraidh Dobson

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