Aims and Ethos

As identified in the Society’s constitution, the aims of The Aerosol Society are to:

1. Promote all scientific branches of aerosol research

2. Promote by means of meetings and publications the spread of information on an interdisciplinary basis, and to make available a pool of expert knowledge

3. Encourage international co-operation

4. Recruit new members and assist in training

5. Encourage investment in aerosol research


Developing Partnerships to Explore Postgraduate Training Needs in Aerosol Science

To ensure the UK is well-placed to meet the future challenges in research in aerosol science, members of the Society convened a Road-Mapping event in early January 2018. For further information and to view a summary of the event please click here.


The Society also confers Honorary Membership on those who have distinguished themselves in the field of aerosol science, e.g. by:

  1. Outstanding personal research or inventions, or
  2. holding leading positions in prominent undertakings, or
  3. outstanding success in teaching.

Our current Aerosol Society Honorary Members are:

  • Professor Don Clark
  • Dr Charles F Clement
  • Professor Ian Colbeck
  • Professor Ian Ford
  • Professor David Ganderton
  • Dr William D Griffiths
  • Mr Sandy Munro