Corporate members

Thank you to our Corporate Members below for their continued support of the Society and its members.

3P Innovation Ltd

3P is a successful engineering and automation company, helping multi-national customers to develop, produce and commercialise new products. We specialise in powder filling and micro-dosing for inhalation capsules, blisters, discs, reservoirs and other special device formats. We also specialise in design and development of equipment for assembly automation and test automation for a wide range of inhalers, parenteral and diagnostics devices.

This year we are proud to announce the launch of the R500 and R1000 machines, our fully-automated, robotic Inhalation Capsule Fillers. Featuring Fill2Weight, the world’s fastest, scalable gravimetric micro-dosing technology, the R500/R1000 series delivers precision filling with 100% dose recording and verification. Fill2Weight works with the widest and most diverse range of powders, including spray-dried, engineered particles, blends and lyophilised powders.



Biral develop innovative research instruments for the analysis of aerosol particles as well as a range of sophisticated meteorological sensors. We have produced the first commercial Aerosol Optical Tweezers instrument (Biral AOT-100) which enables the detailed, time-resolved analysis of particles in reactive and interactive states. This instrument was developed in collaboration with the University of Bristol.
Biral has a strong track record in the supply and development of aerosol research instrumentation. Our founder, Alan Cussens, was the driving force behind the formation of the Aerosol Society in the UK and we have remained committed to supplying and manufacturing research quality aerosol instrumentation for over 30 years.


Since 2002 Cambustion have offered a range of aerosol instruments designed for aerosol science & laboratory applications.

The new Aerodynamic Aerosol Classifier (AAC) is fast establishing itself as a unique classifier of aerosol particles by aerodynamic diameter, for true monodisperse aerosol selection without charging artefacts over a size range of 25nm – 5µm.

The Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer (CPMA) continues to find new applications in both calibration and research, for generating monodisperse aerosol by mass.

The DMS500 offers the fastest real-time electrical mobility size/number distributions available (from 200ms T10-90% at 10Hz); particle size measurement range from 5nm – 2.5μm, with unrivalled time response, sensitivity and sizing accuracy across its entire size range, which is the widest amongst fast particle sizers. Applications include ambient monitoring, combustion aerosol, workplace exposure and engineered nanoparticle research.

With fully integrated sampling and dilution options, the DMS500 is suited to both ambient applications and straightforward direct sampling of high concentration aerosol sources through software selection of appropriate dilution.

Visit for a list of third party technical papers using Cambustion products.


Novi Systems Limited

Novi Systems Limited have over twenty year’s experience making devices and systems to test inhalers for the pharmaceutical industry. Our products include devices for precise airflow control and waste shot collection, as well as systems for automatic sharing and firing; in fact our flagship system Ictus is the only fully automated Andersen Cascade Impactor in the world.

With a reputation for delivering quality products that meet the most rigorous of standards, we are delighted that our clients include some of the largest pioneering companies in the global pharmaceutical sector. In addition to our standard product range we also offer a bespoke service to create a system that meets your precise requirements.