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Thank you to our Corporate Members

From Organic Intermediates to Biochemicals, Performance Chemicals to Industrial and Ingredients, Camida can source, manage and deliver their customer’s requirements.

Indeed, since its establishment in 1988, Camida has always been motivated and driven by the needs of its customers and continues to be a highly responsive, flexible company bringing a comprehensive array of sourcing and supply options to customers.

Founded in 1960, DCA is independently owned and one of the world’s leading product design and development consultancies, operating globally from our headquarters in Warwick, UK.

Since the early sixties we have helped a wide variety of companies design and develop market leading products that users still value every day, ranging from the Stanley knife to the Eurotunnel Shuttle.

Today we focus on building long term relationships with large corporations in four market sectors: ‘Medical and Scientific’, ‘Commercial and Industrial’, ‘Consumer’ and ‘Transport’.

Filter Integrity Limited is a UK based company supporting aerosol scientists and filtration product developers by providing both technical consultancy and specialised aerosol generation and characterisation instruments and equipment. We are located at the North East Technology Park – NETPark, Sedgefield, County Durham in the North East of England. We are proud to be a UK partner of Palas GmbH, manufacturer of innovative particle and aerosol technology.

Livermore Instruments Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area start-up company dedicated to bringing aerosol analysis to non-traditional fields.

Our flagship product is the SPAMS 3.0 Single Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometer. The SPAMS 3.0 sensor is capable of collecting and analysing hundreds of mass spectra per second, each from an individual aerosol particle and analysing the data in real-time to determine the origin and history of those particles.

Our technology portfolio, licensed from LLNL, the University of California, Riverside, the University of Minnesota and developed internally, includes field-leading aerosol analysis technologies that make real-time aerosol detection practical.