The Aerosol Society has been in existence for over 30 years. It is a scientific, non-profit organization aimed at extending knowledge and supporting the study of airborne particles.

Its membership of more than 850 scientists is drawn from academia, government bodies and industry. Members’ interests are numerous and include climate and atmospheric modeling, nanotechnology, development of inhaled therapies and air pollution.

Our committee of volunteers promotes all scientific branches of aerosol research through this website, our monthly members newsletter and regular aerosol science related events.

One of the Society’s primary aims is the encouragement and support of early career scientists and the society annually invests thousands of pounds in studentships, travel and research awards.

The Society also organizes numerous events for both members and non-members. The annual Fundamentals of Aerosol Science Course provides invaluable interdisciplinary training for scientists new to aerosol science. The Society’s Annual Aerosol Science Conference provides a forum for members and delegates to share their knowledge through keynote presentations, poster exhibitions and industry exhibitor demonstrations. The conference also includes the AGM of the Aerosol Society.

The Society also holds more-specialised focus meetings and conferences throughout the year and actively encourages collaboration with other aerosol science related organisations. The committee is divided into 4 sub committees to utilise their expertise when planning and hosting these specialised events:

  • DDL & Inhaled Aerosols – Janine Jordan, Darragh Murnane, Ian Colbeck, Ben Forbes & Gary Pitcairn.
  • Aerosols in the Atmosphere – Ben Murray, Matthew Wright, James McGrath (& Paul Williams).
  • Aerosols in Combustion & Energy – Amanda Lea-Langton, Adam Boies, Marc Stettler & Paul Williams.
  • Fundamental Aerosol Science & Technology – Simon Parker, Jacqui Hamilton, Rachael Miles & Dave Worton.

An additional sub-committee of of experienced respiratory scientists specifically promote the drug delivery to the lungs and inhaled aerosols branch of research through our annual Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference. Its mission is to provide a vehicle for the advancement of respiratory science and to share recent developments in inhalation therapy.

Today DDL is recognized as one of the major European conferences in respiratory drug delivery and a key international meeting for the rest of the world. The conference attracts a range of attendees from scientists, academics, clinicians, regulators and industrial experts specializing in all aspects of developing medicines for inhalation.

With the continued support of our members, event attendees and sponsors, the Aerosol Society is able to support and encourage the UK and Irish aerosol scientists of the future.