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Invited speakers

Dr. Gerhard Scheuch

Gerhard Scheuch is recently founder and CEO of GS-Bio-Inhalation GmbH

SARS CoV 2 transmitted by breathing only

Dr Dominique Despeyroux

Chief for the Chemical and Biological Sense capability

Translating science into robust military capability: challenges and successes

This presentation aims to provide some background to the challenges of placing a detection equipment in the hands of military users. Specifically it offers a perspective of the environments and tasks that UK Forces have to deal with and how these have to evolve when augmented by the threat of the use of chemical or biological hazardous materials.

Some conclusions on what a successful operational sensor looks like are being discussed.

Prof. Zongbo Shi

Professor in Atmospheric Biogeochemistry at the University of Birmingham

Understanding Sources and Drivers of Size-Resolved Aerosol Using a Receptor Model Coupled with Explainable Machine Learning