Speaker - DDL2017

Professor Myrna Dolovich

Professor, McMaster University

Myrna Dolovich is Professor, Medicine, McMaster University, Canada and associated with the Firestone Institute of Respiratory Health and The Research Institute of St Josephs Hospital. Her research involves investigations into the behaviour of therapeutic aerosols in patients, with special interest in the measurement of drug delivery to the lung using 3D PET imaging. Current work also involves the function of ciliated epithelial cells in health and disease. She was involved in the design and characterization of the AerochamberR, a holding chamber spacer device for pressurized inhalers used worldwide for respiratory therapy. She has over 140 publications in the medical literature and has spoken extensively on pulmonary drug delivery systems and imaging. In 2009, she started Aerosol School, a 2-day teaching program with practical laboratory experience in aerosol basics, aerosol measurements and techniques, including applications to research, pharmaceutical laboratory and clinical settings. Aerosol School will be repeated for the 10h time in 2018.

Thursday 7th December

Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Developments in Aerosol Medicine over the last 50 years – Devices, Drugs and Detection of Disease