Annual Aerosol Science Conference 2018

8th Nov 2018


Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Aerosol Science Conference this year at our new venue, it was great to see so many new and familiar faces. 

Delegate feedback confirmed we delivered a well received, strong and varied programme with contributions from many excellent oral and poster presentations headlined by talks from our three plenary speakers, Catherine Noakes, Roy Harrison and Andreas Schmidt-Ott.

18 early career researchers were independently reviewed for our Outstanding Junior Researcher Awards.

Jim Walker from Biral had the pleasure of presenting awards to Mara Otero Fernandez (University of Bristol) for her oral presentation “Understanding the fundamentals of airborne disease dynamics” and to Stephen Ingram (University of Bristol) for his poster presentation “Probing the partitioning of water and secondary organic matter using optically trapped single particles”.

Thank you to Biral for sponsoring these awards. 

To complement the event, we were also delighted with the continued support from our exhibitors and would like to thank Air Monitors, Enviro Technology, Eurochamp, Filter Integrity, NPL, Scielutions & TSI for their contributions.

We look forward to seeing you on the 7th November 2019 at the Edgbaston Park Hotel, University of Birmingham for our 2019 conference. Details to follow soon.


“'Reflections on a career in Aerosol Science and future challenges”

“Modelling Bioaerosols in Indoor Environments”

“Diesel Exhaust Aerosol: Atmospheric Processing from Tailpipe to Lungs”