Speaker - DDL2017

Philippe Rogueda

Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

After extensive education culminating in his PhD in Physical Chemistry Philippe joined Astra as a Pharmaceutical Scientist leading to more senior roles in AstraZeneca R&D. After this he was offered a position as Principal Fellow at Novartis to research early phase nebulisers, nasal and DPI formulations. He was engaged as Principal R&D Consultant at Kind Consumer, followed by Actavis as the Executive Director Emerging Technologies. In this role Philippe was responsible for all generic inhalation products across nasal, DPI, pMDI and nebulisers. In 2011, he co-founded Inhalation Asia, the foremost inhalation drug delivery network in Asia, producing 3 Global conferences and a 3k+ peer network. He also co-founded Merxin Ltd, a generic medical device supplier, developing and supplying the drug delivery market with standardised off-the-shelf drug delivery devices. The company launched with no external investment and within 18 months had exceeded expectations and grown to a £multimillion turnover business. Philippe also consults for Aedestra Ltd, providing strategic support, advice and guidance to drug technology companies.

Thursday 7th December

Vaping Liquids: A Formulator’s Dream?