Focus Meeting 14: Third Atmospheric Ice Nucleation Conference

10th Jan - 12th Jan 2020



Group photo from the conference






This conference will provide a forum for discussion of all aspects of atmospheric ice nucleation.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the formation of ice in our atmosphere is extremely important for our planet’s climate and hydrological cycle, but our understanding of ice nucleation remains poor. This limits our ability to quantitatively address key questions such as the how changing aerosol may influence clouds and climate in the past and future. Clouds around the globe, in different altitude ranges, and different synoptic meteorological regimes are influenced by ice production. In this conference we intend to cover all clouds types through a sequence of topic focused sessions.

The 3rd AINC will be held just prior to the 100th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, which will also be in Boston.


Confirmed invited speakers:

Ivy Tan – NASA
Angelos Michaelides – University College London
Tom Hill – Colorado State University
Christina McCluskey – NCAR
Zhijun Wu – Peking University
Paul Field – UK Met Office
Lulin Xue – NCAR



1. The impact of ice nucleating particles on clouds and climate

2. Fundamentals of ice nucleation

3. The characteristics of atmospheric ice nucleating particles 

4. Insights from measurements of atmospheric ice nucleating particles around the world 

5. The human impact on ice nucleating particles and ice formation around the globe

6. Ice nucleating particle concentration versus ice concentrations in clouds

7. The modification of weather or climate with artificial ice nucleating particles



The Aerosol Society is supporting the 3rd AINC as a Focus Meeting, but this meeting is being primarily organised by Prof. Daniel Cziczo and Prof. Benjamin J. Murray. Please direct enquiries to the organising committee at [email protected] rather than The Aerosol Society.

The organising committee is made up of:
Daniel Cziczo
Benjamin Murray
Yan Yin
Jessie Creamean
Yutaka Tobo
Ottmar Möhler
Luis Ladino
Trude Storelvmo
Gabriele Sosso
Ann Fridlind 


Key dates

Abstract submission: 9th Sept 2019
Programme to be made public: 30th September 2019
Registration deadline: 28th October 2019
Conference dates: 10th – 12th January 2020 (am only)


Registration is now open at:

Conference flyer



The programme documents can be found below:

3rd AINC Detailed programme 8 Jan


Abstract submission – the deadline has now passed


Conference Venue 

The conference will take place in the Louise May Alcott Room aka Alcott Ballroom located within the Omni hotel.

The poster session is in the adjacent ‘Prefunction Area’.

 Hotel Registration 

The hotel registration site is

(Note: our rate becomes available Monday August 19)