Bioaerosols - Focus Meeting 10

8th Jun 2017


Thank you to everyone for attending Aerosol Society Focus Meeting 10 – Bioaerosols, at the University of Bristol on the 8th of June 2017.

Over 50 delegates gathered to network and share research from 18 speaker presentations, headlined by Rob Kinnersley from the Environment Agency and supported by product demonstrations from Biral and Air Monitors.

A team of independent reviewers appraised our junior scientist presentations throughout the day and we were delighted to present the awards for the most outstanding junior scientist presentations, sponsored by Atmosphere, to:

Sarah Windiate – DSTL‘Investigating the fluid dynamics of aerosolisation and the effects on biological organisms’

Ikpe Ibanga – University of Leeds‘Testing bioaerosol removal using pilot-scale biofilters at a material recovery facility’


Sarah Windiate (left) receiving her award from reviewer, Pippa Douglas.

Ikpe Ibanga (left) receiving his award from reviewer, Simon Parker.



Bioaerosols – Focus Meeting 10

The presence of microorganisms in air is taken for granted, but understanding the identities, distribution and abundance of airborne microorganisms remains in its infancy. However recent rapid advances in molecular biology have the potential to enable enhanced characterisation and rapid quantification of bioaerosols. Biological particles in the atmosphere may be altered by atmospheric chemical processes and have the potential to act as cloud condensation or ice nuclei. Bioaerosols in both the indoor and outdoor environments have a range of detrimental health effects associated with them.

Bioaerosol research is increasingly interdisciplinary and involves aerosol physics, microbiology, molecular biology, environmental science, occupational and public health and others. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together this mix of researchers to present exciting new work and discuss the challenges that still exist in bioaerosol research.

Topics include:
Emissions from waste management activities
Disease transmission
Healthcare-associated infection
Airborne transmission
Sampling, measurement and characterization
Environmental impact