Annual Aerosol Science Conference 2017 - "Pushing the Limits in Aerosol Measurements and Simulations"

9th Nov 2017


Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Aerosol Science Conference this year, where a record number of delegates listened, shared and interacted with many superb oral and poster presentations headlined by talks from our three plenary speakers.

19 early career researchers were independently reviewed for our Outstanding Junior Researcher Awards. Paul Quincey from NPL had the pleasure of presenting awards to Rose Willoughby (University of Bristol) for her poster ‘Measurements of the Real and Imaginary Refractive Index of Single Aerosol Particles’ and to Alison Connolly (NUI Galway) for her presentation ‘Occupational exposures to pesticide products among amenity horticulturists’. Thank you to NPL for sponsoring these awards. 

To complement the events, we were also delighted to fill our exhibitor capacity this year and would like to thank Air Monitors, Biral, Enviro Technology, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts Journal, Filter Integrity, NCAS, NPL, Scielutions & TSI for their continued support.

We look forward to seeing you on the 8th November at the University of Birmingham for our 2018 conference. Details to follow soon.

Robert Nishida

PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge.

'The Annual Aerosol Society Conference showcases high quality presentations of fundamental concepts and practical applications of aerosol science relevant to my research'

Oliver F Bischof

Director TSI - Europe, Middle East & Africa and Board Member - Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung (GAeF)

The conference has established itself as the professional home of every aerosol scientist in the UK and Ireland, no matter if you are an undergraduate just new to the field or an experienced researcher, from either academia or industry. It presents an easy-going, uncomplicated environment to listen to outstanding speakers, to learn about emerging aerosol research topics and to network with colleagues and friends. One of my great personal pleasures is to visit the poster session and hear directly from young researchers about their work. The Annual Aerosol Science Conference presents an excellent meeting platform and I can absolutely recommend joining it!