Investigation of organic aerosol composition in London using a novel high-resolution mass spectral database

W. J. Dixon, K.P. Pereirra, N.J. Farren, E. Finessi, L. Williams, J.D. Allan, S. Visser, A.S.H Prévôt and J.F. Hamilton

Here we will present the development of a high-resolution mass spectral database of organic aerosol tracer molecules, built using HPLC coupled to a Q-Exactive Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer.  The database contains mass spectral and retention time data for over 500 molecules observed in filters collected during the Clearflo campaign in London in 2012. The database has been used to investigate trends in aerosol composition, and will be used to investigate the factors affecting the magnitude, variability and co-variance of OA composition. 

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