Characterization of organic low-, semi-, intermediate- and volatile organic compounds from four-stroke ship engine emissions: implications for atmospheric processing.

S. M. Pieber, Y. Zhao, J. Orasche, B. Stengel, J.C. Corbin, I. El Haddad, F. Klein, D. Kilic, J.G. Slowik, H. Czech, N. Donahue, A. Robinson, R. Zimmermann, U. Baltensperger and A.S.H. Prévôt

Little knowledge is available on the secondary organic aerosol (SOA) burdens of shipping emissions. The volatility distribution of the primary emissions can be used to estimate the SOA potential of those emissions, but has so far not been assessed. We apply state-of-the arte techniques to assess the chemical-physical properties of the primary emissions from relevant fuels to assess volatility distributions and the associated SOA potential.

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