Characterization of Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro

Erika Laminen

Particle dilution and conditioning are an essential part of all particle number and mass measurements, and especially so in combustion aerosol measurements. Dilution factor accuracy directly affects measurement accuracy and volatile material control (evaporation and condensation) can have a significant effect on the measured aerosol concentration and size.

Sampling from various locations in the exhaust system (e.g. before and after DPF / GPF) will subject the dilution and conditioning system to changing exhaust pressures ideally should not have an effect on the dilution process.

Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro is a new compact dilution system designed for PM and PN concentration and size distribution measurements. In this work, we present results from the characterization of the dilution system which show neglible losses for a wide range of particle sizes and stable operation in changing inlet pressures and dilution temperatures.

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