Bonfire night 2014 in Manchester UK: organic aerosol source apportionment (ME-2) and night-time chemistry.

E. Reyes-Villegas, M. Priestley, Y. Ting, S. Haslett, T. Bannan, M. Lebreton and J.D. Allan

This study shows aerosol source apportionment on bonfire night 2014 where significant solid fuel and fireworks emissions were present. The Multilinear Engine (ME-2) factorization tool and the aethalometer model were used to determine organic aerosol (OA) source apportionment. Further exploration of the aerosol chemistry was carried out such as organic nitrate identification. Bonfire night 2014 was particularly interesting with stagnant conditions due to low temperatures (5º C) compared to those observed in 2013 (12º C) allowing high hourly concentrations of 449 μgm-3 of PM2.5 and 18 μgm-3 of solid fuel OA (SFOA) when fireworks were launched.

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