Dr Rachael Miles

University of Bristol

Dr Rachael Miles (REHM) is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol. Her research interests focus on the physical, chemical and optical properties of aerosol particles and their applications in atmospheric science and industry. She has extensive experience in instrument development and the use of light scattering to probe aerosol properties.

After graduating from the University of Cambridge in 2005 with an MSci in Natural Sciences (Chemistry), REHM moved to the University of Bristol where she completed her PhD under the supervision of Professors J.P. Reid and A.J. Orr-Ewing. Since 2009, REHM has worked as a senior postdoctoral researcher in the Bristol Aerosol Research Centre on a wide range of projects funded by both the EPSRC and the NERC. REHM has worked with academia, industry and research institutes, performing consultancy work and undertaking a 3-month Knowledge Transfer Exchange with instrument developers Biral. REHM was promoted to Senior Research Associate in the Bristol Aerosol Research Centre in December 2014.

REHM has over 30 peer reviewed publications in the fields of physical chemistry and aerosol science, and has acted as a reviewer for the National Science Foundation and the journals Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Aerosol Measurement Technology, Aerosol Science and Technology, and Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. In 2011, REHM received the SET for Britain Silver Award in Physical Sciences (Chemistry) at an event held in the Houses of Parliament, UK.

Optical Properties