Dr Jakob Londahl

Senior lecturer/Associate professor (sv. universitetslektor, docent March 2015) in aerosol technology, div. of Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, Lund University (LTH)

Everywhere on Earth where there are humans, we will find aerosol particles. These tiny particles that swirl around in the air have a fundamental impact on our lives. They could cause adverse health effects, as in the case of smoke from industries, biomass burning, traffic or tobacco and they could be beneficial for health when used for inhaled drug delivery or diagnosis of respiratory disease. If the airborne material is of biological origin, as for instance microbes or pollen (so called bioaerosols), it could result in transfer of diseases, allergic reactions or have an impact on ecology through dispersion of species.
The focus of his research is medical applications of aerosols: the particles we breathe and their interactions with the lungs. Closely related to this are also studies of bioaerosols, airborne infection, exposure to air pollution and sampling of biological material in the air. Most of his work is carried out in close collaboration with experts in medicine and microbiology.