Allan Bennett – Keynote Speaker

Biosafety Expert (Public Health England)

Allan Bennett has been an air microbiology researcher for 30 years and has over 90 peer reviewed scientific publications. He leads a research group of 15 scientists carrying out applied research for a range of funders including research councils, government departments and space agencies. These studies cover many areas such as healthcare acquired infection , laboratory biosafety, space science, emerging infectious diseases and CBRN.
He is a member of the SAGE Environmental and Modelling sub-group providing advice on COVID-19 environmental transmission and is president-elect of the European Biosafety Association. He is co-director of a WHO Collaborating Centre on Applied Biosafety and Training and is a member of the editorial committee of the 4th edition of the WHO Biosafety manual. He sits on various advisory groups including the European Space Agency Planetary Protection Working Group and the Scientific Advisory Committee on Genetic Manipulation (Contained Use). He first attended the Aerosol Society Annual Conference in 1988 in Bournemouth.