Adrian Goodey

Principal Scientist, Speciality Dosage Forms group, Merck Research Laboratories

Adrian Goodey is a Principal Scientist in the Speciality Dosage Forms group within Merck Research Laboratories. In this role, Dr. Goodey leads the development of drug products delivered via alternate routes of administration, including inhalers, nasal sprays and polymeric implants. Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry in 2007 with Schering-Plough, Dr. Goodey earned a B.Sc. in chemistry from Emory University, completed a PhD in chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, and then served as an ACS/PRF Alternative Energy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Goodey currently chairs the IPAC-RS Cascade Impaction working group. His research interests include the analysis of cascade impaction data, automation drug product testing and the advancement of clinically relevant testing. To date, he has authored fourteen peer reviewed scientific articles and two patents.

Cascade Impaction testing and data analysis, regulatory and pharmaceutical developments