Aerosol Society Doctoral Student Award

Deadline: 19th July 2024

The Aerosol Society Doctoral Student Award is designed to recognise, reward and encourage doctoral students who are engaged in aerosol science. The award is aimed at graduate students who are within the first two years of studying for a doctorate at a United Kingdom or Irish University (considering part time working).

To apply for the award candidates must submit an essay introducing their area of aerosol research and describing the direction of their doctoral studies. This exercise is designed to help students critically think about the direction and goals of their PhD at an early stage in their studies.


PhD student Florence Gregson conducting research at the University of Bristol.



  • Candidates are required to be a current member of the Aerosol Society.
  • Candidates must be a graduate undertaking a course of study leading to a Doctorate at a United Kingdom or Irish University in order to be eligible to apply for this award.
  • Candidates will typically be within the first or second year of their PhD (we will consider applications from those starting out of the typical cycle; contact the society in advance of submission).
  • The research being completed should fall into the broad area of Aerosol Science and could encompass (but not be limited to): airborne particles or droplets in relation to aerobiology, agriculture, the atmosphere, coagulation, condensation, deposition, diffusion, dynamics, electrostatics, evaporation, filtration, generation techniques, industrial processes, inhalation, instrumentation, light scattering, manufacture, occupational hygiene, radioactivity, respiratory disease, resuspension, sampling, shape, standards, therapy and thermodynamics.

Terms and conditions

Please complete the online application form below, upload a 1 page CV and a short essay (3000 words) on the topic of your project. Please include your word count at the top of your essay. A brief statement from your supervisor, postgraduate tutor or postgraduate administrator is also required. In this statement the start date of the PhD should be provided as well as confirmation of the enrolment in a PhD programme in a UK or Irish university including details and amount of the stipend the student receives. Please send to Lindsey Stoner,

The essay should justify and outline your plans for the remainder of your PhD and should consist of an introduction to the field of study, your key objectives, the proposed methodology, any preliminary results and conclusions. The first paragraph of the essay should be a 150 word abstract, suitable for publication on the Society’s web pages and in our monthly e-newsletter.

The 3000 word limit includes, the title, headings and figure/table captions. It does not include text within tables or the bibliography.  We do not expect essays to have appendices. The number and content of figures and tables should be in proportion to the length of the essay and will typically be between 2-4 in number.

  • The award is £1000 and successful applicants will not be eligible to receive the award in future years.
  • For publication within the Society’s website and newsletter, you will be asked to provide the Society with visually appealing photographs and images which relate to your work. It could be a photograph of yourself in your lab or on field work, an image of instrumentation, an aerosol related phenomenon or the output from an instrument.
  • You will be required to present your research, either as an oral or poster presentation, at an Aerosol Society conference. This will typically take place during your third year of study. The Society will waive the conference registration cost.
  • We would like to highlight what successful applicants do after their PhDs and will request information from you at the conclusion of your PhD. To achieve this, we request that successful applicants stay in contact with the aerosol society by emailing Lindsey Stoner: with changes to contact details.

Previous Award Winners

Alfred Mayhew - University of York
Amy Wilson - Imperial College London
Daniel Bryant - University of York
Dan Hardy - University of Bristol
Ibrahim Alhindawi - National University of Ireland Galway
Robert Alexander - University of Bristol
Ellie Vokes - University of Bath
Natalie Ratcliffe - University of Reading
Victoria Legh-Land - University of Hertfordshire
Polly Foster - University of Leeds
Edward Neal - University of Bristol
Jianghan Tian - University of Bristol
Alexander Mitchener - Imperial College London via the EPSRC CDT in Aerosol Science (University of Bristol)

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