Studies of the influence of high molecular weight tri-block copolymers on the properties of aqueous aerosol droplets

G. Hargreaves, Dr. N. Kwamena, Dr. J. Wills, S. Rushworth, & Dr J. P. Reid.

The mixing state, equilibrium size, phase partitioning, and hygroscopicity of inorganic and organic aerosol components have an important impact on atmospheric chemistry.  This impact ranges from heterogeneous reaction sites to the lifetime of clouds.  Studies of individual aerosol droplets can yield important insights into their properties and allow us to determine their effects.  Mixed component aqueous aerosols containing a variety of inorganic salts, organic compounds and surfactants have been studied.1,2  Additionally the impact of high molecular weight oligomers on the chemical composition of secondary organic aerosol is well established.  In contrast little work has been conducted on the effect of high molecular weight polymers on mixed component aerosol droplets.  To understand the physical state of these particles it becomes necessary to understand the thermodynamics governing particle composition and the kinetic factors limiting particle size.

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