Estimation of Particle Number and Black Carbon Mass Emission Factors in Manila using OSPM

L MadueƱo, S Kecorius, J Simpas, A Wiedensohler

Previous studies have shown that the highest fraction of metropolitan air pollution comes from immense vehicular traffic. The personal exposure to traffic-related particulate matter, especially to black carbon (BC) is known to have adverse effect on human health. Therefore, the estimation of emission factors at the street level is important for health impact assessment, and also for urban air quality modelling. The focus of this study is to determine the current emission factor of particle number (PN) and BC in Manila using the Operational Street Pollution Model (OSPM). The aerosol particle physical properties were measured in an intensive measurement campaign as a part of Manila Aeorosol Characterization Experiment (MACE2015) project. Our observed emission factors were up to 50 times higher (for PN) and 7 times higher (for BC) times higher than values reported from other countries. This suggests that the population of Metro Manila is subjected to a higher risk of increased exposure to toxic pollutants and its resulting adverse health symptoms.

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