Dynamics of Aerosol Growth and Aerosol Cloud Interaction in the Context of Sun Secondary Aerosol Cloud Climate Theories

François Benduhn, Frank Müller & Andreas Chlond

The indirect solar mechanism of climate modulation via global cloud properties has remained an active issue since empirical evidence for a correlation between the cosmic rays flux and global cloudiness was found (Svensmark and Christensen, 1997). The correlation was found to be most pronounced in the intermediate latitude lower troposphere (Marsh and Svensmark, 2003) and several explanations have been evoked (Kirkby, 2000, Carslaw et al., 2002). While Marsh and Svensmark (2000) assume that cosmic rays enhance ion-induced nucleation and thus the cloud condensation nuclei number, Larsen (2005) conjectures that the solar cycle modulated ultraviolet radiation flux is inversely correlated with the marine plankton yield of dimethylsulphide. It is these theories that will be addressed in the present study of aerosol growth dynamics and aerosol cloud interaction in the context of marine stratocumulus formation.

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