Changes in particulate matter concentrations at different altitudinal levels with environmental dynamics

Zulfiqar Ali, Safdar Sidra, Nimra Afzal, Khadija Aziz, Zaidi Zona, Irfan Zainab, Syed Turab Raza, Mubashir Ahmad, Bushra Ansari, Quratulain, Zaheer Ahmad Nair, Ian Colbeck

PM levels show varying trends at different altitudes and are greatly affected by meteorological parameters as well. The current study was designed to monitor ambient PM levels at seven locations of Pakistan with varying altitudes from zero (Sea level) up to 3189 metres. Highest PM levels were observed at Sari Lake with an elevation of 3189 m which is in contrast with many other studies. More research needs to be conducted to completely understand the phenomenon ruling the formation and dispersion of PM at different altitudes.

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