Bioaerosol dynamics at the Birmingham Institute of Forestry Research (BIFoR) and future implications for bioaerosol production in a CO2 enhanced environment

Daniel Haynes, Francis Pope, D. B. Haynes, A. G. Oliver & F. D. Pope

The Birmingham Institute of Forestry Research (BIFoR) comprises a mature mixed woodland habitat that is given over for scientific woodland research. This site is soon to play host to a large scale, extended time, Free Air Carbon Emission (FACE) experiment, which will quantify the impact of an enriched CO2 environment on a mature established woodland. This site provides an exciting opportunity for the study of seasonal bioaerosol flux in an in vivo woodland setting, both before and after the CO2 enrichment programme begins. Baseline bioaerosol readings on site have already shown the episodic nature of bioaerosol production in correlation with different meteorological parameters in the environment. As the FACE experiment is bought online, the effect of increased CO2 on woodland bioaerosol production can be measured over the next few years, and the impact on future human health and allergies can be assessed.

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