Air quality monitoring on Mitrovica- Kosovo

Kadri Berisha & Afrim Syla

In the presentation of Kosova are given main legal documents already existing in Kosovo for protection of air quality, tending to approach as soon as possible respective legislation of EU countries. Are given historical air emissions of the country beginning with distant year  1950 up to year 2006, in Mitrovica. The city of Mitrovica, approximately 40 km north of Prishtina, was the site of one the largest lead smelters in Europe. The present environmental situation in Mitrovica, put as in front of the responsibility to act more rationally towards nature and to be more responsible towards the protection of the environment for future generations. The lack of protection of the environment during the last ten years, as well as the conflict in Kosova are the origin of huge problems regarding present environmental situation in Mitrovica (Kosova)

Increase of specific share of traffic air pollution after 1990 year is given numerically, accompanied by respective decrease of industry role in this respect. Main factors are analyzed, which make traffic air pollution problematic in Kosovo (kind of vehicle fuels in use and characteristics of vehicles).

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