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Characterisation of Primary Air-Liquid Interface Culture of Nasal Epithelium for Nasal Drug Delivery

Hui Xin Ong, Claire L. Jackson, Janice L. Cole, Elizabeth C. Adam, Peter M. Lackie, Daniela Traini, Paul M. Young, Jane S. Lucas, Joy Conway

In vitro assessment of alveolar macrophage responses to inhaled particulate medicines

V Hutter, D Murnane, K Reitdorf, D Fowler, C Walton, M Bootman

AP301: Development of inhalation medicine from scientific discovery to clinical proof-of-concept for treatment of life-threatening pulmonary oedema

Bernhard Fischer, Susan Tzotzos, Hendrik Fischer, Helmut Pietschmann, Waheed Shabbir, Rosa Lemmens-Gruber, Rudolf Lucas

Resveratrol, a Novel Spray Dried Inhalation Powder for the Treatment of COPD and other Inflammatory Lung Diseases

Valentina Trotta, Mehra Haghi , Santo Scalia , Paul Michael Young, Daniela Traini

Screening and Optimization of Formulation and Process Parameters for the Manufacture of Inhalable Composite Particles by Spray-drying

Cláudia Moura, João Vicente, Maria Palha, Filipe Neves, Ana Aguiar-Ricardo, Eunice Costa

Inhaled nanoparticles develop a complex protein corona: biological importance and implications for sustained release formulations

Abhinav Kumar, Elif Melis Bicer, Paul Pfeffer, Marco Monopoli, Kenneth Dawson, Anders Blomberg, Annelie Behndig, Lea Ann Dailey, Ben Forbes, Ian Mudway

The impact of drug clearance on duration of action of corticosteroids

Amir Hakim, Peter J Barnes, Ian M Adcock, Omar S Usmani

Development of an inhalable pMDI solution formulation of theophylline for COPD

Mary Goud, Mehra Haghi, Bing Zhu, Paul M. Young, Daniela Traini

Best Practices in Device Design for Orally and Nasally Inhaled Products (OINDP)

Rudi Mueller-Walz, Mark Jackson, Patrick Linnane, Ingo Mett, Jolyon Mitchell, Geoff Newell, Tarlochan Purewal, Christel Schmelzer, Tim Spencer, Markus Tservistas, Gerallt Williams