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Use of additives in particle engineering of spray-dried nanosuspensions

Katerina Simkova, Jasmin Stalder, Felix Stebler, Berndt Joost

The development of a novel metered dose inhaler cyclic olefin copolymer elastomer sealing system

Segolene Sarrailh, Chris Baron, Guillaume Brouet, Benedicte Grosjean, Eric Piazzoni, Gerallt Williams

Saturated vapour pressure (SVP) measurement of ethanol/HFA binary mixtures

B. Gavtash, B. Myatt, H. O’Shea, F. Mason, D. Lewis, T. Church , H.K. Versteeg, G. Hargrave, G. Brambilla

Space Chamber devices in vitro performance evaluation at constant flow

R F Oliveira, S F C F Teixeira, H M Cabral-Marques, J C F Teixeira

Multi-methodological investigation on the variability in the microstructure of HPMC capsules

Eva Faulhammer, V.Wahl, D. Markl, A. Kovalcik, S.M. Lawrence, J.G. Khinast1, A. Paudel

Evaluation of the surface free energy of inhalable powders

J T Pinto, S Zellnitz, M Bresciani, J G Khinast, E Roblegg, A Paudel