Speaker - DDL2019

Jérémie Pourchez

Mines Saint-Etienne

Jérémie Pourchez is Senior Researcher at Mines Saint-Etienne. He is currently Deputy Director of the Center for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering (25 permament staff + 40 postgraduate students). Within this center, he is Head of the Biomaterials and Inhaled Particles Department. Professor Pourchez became, barely 12 years after his PhD defense in chemical engineering, a renowned expert on (nano)particles inhalation. Especially he developed an original interdisciplinary expertise applied to two borders fields: inhalation toxicology and respiratory drug delivery. His research interest and teaching include the understanding of inhaled (nano)particles fate within the organism to highlight biotoxicity, biodistribution and biopersistance of (nano)particles in living systems. His field of expertise is anatomic and cell targets of aerosol, physico-chemistry of nanoparticles and in vitro analysis of biological effects. Professor Pourchez is also a pioneer on multidisciplinary research on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (i.e. e-cigarettes). He joined the ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) expert group working on tobacco and vaping products in 2017. The excellence of the research carried out results in the publication of more than 90 research papers (see http://www.emse.fr/~pourchez/biblio.html). The structuring of this scientific activity led to the emergence of his multidisciplinary group bringing together a community of researchers made of biologists, clinicians and engineers (UMR INSERM 1059 SAINBIOSE). This team permits to address in innovative fashion research questions on particle inhalation, from fundamental approaches to clinical applications, including pre-clinic studies and technological developments devoted to aerosol devices

Towards drug vaping: assessment of new-generation high-power electronic nicotine delivery system as thermal aerosol generation device for inhaled bronchodilators

Friday 13th December