Speaker - DDL2019

Filipa Guerreiro

University of Algarve

Filipa Guerreiro is a PhD student at the University of Algarve, in Portugal. She has graduated in Biomedical Sciences and has a Master in the same area. She is enrolled in the third year of a PhD program, with a project aimed at the development of an inhalable formulation to target alveolar macrophages for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Last year, Filipa did part of her experimental work at King’s College London, performing the aerodynamic characterisation of konjac glucomannan microparticles that are loaded with two antibiotics, currently on the guidelines for the treatment of tuberculosis. Filipa has published 3 papers related with the subject of her work, and this is her 3rd participation on the DDL Conference. She has participated in several international conferences on the area of drug delivery, presenting 8 poster communications. This is her first oral presentation, and she will focus her talk on the results obtained during her research stage at King’s College London.

In vitro behaviour of konjac glucomannan microparticles aimed at pulmonary tuberculosis therapy

Thursday 12th December