Speaker - DDL2019

Dr John Pritchard

Private Consultant

Since October 2018, John has been acting as a private consultant with a global client base. He specializes in:
• Strategies for device, formulation and clinical development programmes that will both minimise time to market and provide the evidence to support key messages.
• Strategies for the implementation of digital health, including remote monitoring of symptoms and medication adherence.
• Emissive uses of gases with global warming potential

In addition, he now holds a number of roles on Advisory Boards for SMEs. Prior to this, John’s career spanned basic research in lung deposition, various roles in the pharmaceutical industry and, most recently, medical devices. During this time, he has been associated with the launch or life-cycle management of 11 different inhaled marketed products, at one time accounting for annual sales of over $7Bn. This included supervision of 3 CMC submissions to FDA that were approved in a single cycle of review.

John is a past President of The Aerosol Society, having co-founded the DDL series of conferences, has published widely in the respiratory drug delivery field, been editor to several journals, as well as having served as Board member on various scientific and industry bodies. He is currently a member of the United Nations Medical Technical Options Committee, which makes recommendations on the essential use of CFC propellants. These contributions were recognised by his global peers in April 2018, when he received the Charles Thiel Award from Virginia Commonwealth University for outstanding research and discovery in respiratory drug delivery

The environmental impact of MDI propellants – what now?

Wednesday 11th December