Speaker - DDL2019

Alix Berton


Alix Berton is Director and leads the Precision Medicine Discovery group within Research and Early Development, Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmune (RIA) part of the BioPharmaceuticals R&D division of AstraZeneca.
She has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since more than 10 years, at MerckSerono, Boeringher Ingelheim and now AstraZeneca, in the field of translational and precision medicine. She started her career at Erasmus Hospital where she led the Molecular and Immunohistochemisrty laboratory, developing new biomarkers and methods to identify patients most likely to respond to cancer therapies.
At AstraZeneca, the Precision Medicine Discovery group has the key roles of delivering human validation of the targets, identifying proof of mechanism biomarkers, leading the development of precision medicine to drive patient selection and deliver translational clinical validation. The group utilize samples derived from patients (asthma, COPD, IPF) to generate large omics data sets with the aim to deep phenotype patients and discover precision medicine biomarkers to associate the right patient to the right drug.

The application of Precision Medicine and Genomics to enable new Respiratory medicines

Thursday 12th December