Speaker - DDL2019

Alain Regard


Alain REGARD is a Technology Product Manager at Insight Innovation Center part of Nemera group based in La Verpillière, Isère, France.

In 1995, Alain graduated in Polymer Engineering and Processing from Ecole Superieur de Plasturgie (ESP) in Oyonnax, France.
Alain began his professional career as a design engineer in the automotive industry in the field of interior trims and seating. He joined the Nemera group in 2010 as a Product Development Leader working on multiple projects related to pumps, sprays and pMDIs. Alain, today at the position of Technology Product Manager, is one of the key technical experts of Insight Innovation Center. He leads innovation and early stage concepts research in the fields of nasal and dermal / transdermal drug delivery and also drives some developments in the field of inhalation. Alain as a track record of 12 published patent family in the field of drug delivery. His main fields of expertise are design of drug dispensing devices, atomization, spray generation and characterization as well as Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) anatomy and physiology.

Aerosol drug delivery through the mouth to target nasal cavities: RETRONOSE® concept

Friday 13th December