Developing Partnerships to Secure the UK Research Capacity in Aerosol Science



Following an open consultation with the membership of the Aerosol Society, a working group of the Aerosol Society Committee has formulated a report regarding the role of the Society’s members in building a UK research and innovation pipeline in aerosol science. This represents the first step towards the co-creation of training and research programmes with academia that are considered essential by the partners. The final report is now available here: Building a UK Research & Innovation Pipeline in UK Aerosol Science Report

The Report is the result of a project within the Aerosol Society to ensure that the UK is well-placed to meet the future challenges in research in aerosol science and follows a consultation event in 2018. Members of the Society convened a Road-Mapping event in early January 2018. Representative partners from a broad range of industries and the public sector were invited to attend with the aim of defining the critical research questions that must be addressed and the training needs for both current and future employees in aerosol science. Facilitated by Simply Change, a summary of the day’s outputs can be downloaded via the following link: Simply Change Report