Understanding exposure and transmission in the indoor environment

14:00 - 14:05

Welcome & Housing Keeping

14:05 - 15:00

Keynote Speaker 

Paul Dabisch – Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA

Q & A

15:00 - 15:12

(Oral Presentations)

Marc Stettler – Imperial College London

Defining a set of expiratory aerosol/droplet source terms for modellers.

15:12 - 15:24

Martie Van Tongeren – The University of Manchester

Precarious employment conditions as a risk factor for presenteeism and transmission of COVID-19: A rapid review.

15:24 - 15:36

Andreas Schroeder – Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, Goettingen

 3D Lagrangian and Eulerian flow investigations around a cyclically breathing thermal manikin using dense tracking of HFSBs by Shake-The-Box in a 12 m³ room

15:36 - 15:45

Q&A Sessions


Keynote Speaker

Lisa Ng – NIST

Simulation of controls for reducing aerosol exposure in educational spaces using FaTIMA.

16:10 - 16:15

Richard Kaye – University of Hertfordshire

CV-2: A compact personal monitor for exposure to hazardous chemical or biological aerosols in indoor and outdoor environments

16:15 - 16:27

Simon Parker – DSTL

Transmission risk in transport: towards a model of multi-route exposure for TRACK.


Q & A sessions