Invited speakers

Dr Omar Usmani

National Heart and Lung Institute (NHLI), Imperial College London & Royal Brompton Hospital

Implications for patient care and disease management 

Wednesday 11th December

Dr Stephanie Wright

UKRI Rutherford Fellow, Medical Research Council Centre for Environment and Health, King's College London

Inhaled microplastics: an unrecognised health issue?

Wednesday 11th December

Abhinav Kumar


Winner of the Pat Burnell Young Investigator Award in 2014

Winning Conference Paper from DDL2014

Wednesday 11th December

Dr Sumit Arora

Certara UK Limited

Winner of the Pat Burnell Young Investigator Award in 2015

Winning Conference Paper from 2015

Wednesday 11th December

Prof. Dr. Regina Scherließ

Kiel University

Winner of the Pat Burnell Young Investigator Award 2010

Winning Conference Paper from 2010

Wednesday 11th December

Alix Berton


The application of Precision Medicine and Genomics to enable new Respiratory medicines

Thursday 12th December

Jayne Hastedt

JDP Pharma Consulting

Classification of Inhaled Medicines: Development of an Inhalation-based Biopharmaceutical Classification System

Thursday 12th December

Wendy Barclay

Imperial College London

Airborne transmission of influenza virus

Thursday 12th December

Gary Anderson

Lung Health Research Centre, University of Melbourne

Inhaled Biologics for Respiratory Disorders

Thursday 12th December

Matt Bonam

Global Head, Biopharma R&D Digital Patient Health, AstraZeneca

From Drug Product Characterization to Changing Patient Behaviours


Friday 13th December