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Invited speakers

Claudia Vincenzi

Quality Specialist, European Medicines Agency

Thursday 7th December

EMA Update on Quality Guidelines on Inhalation and Nasal Products

Jim Fink

Chief Science Officer Aerogen Pharma Corporation

Wednesday 6th December

Advances in aerosol delivery in intubated and non-intubated critically ill patients

Wilbur de Kruijf

New Business Development, Medspray Pharma BV

Wednesday 6th December

Inhaled Therapy for Small Children, are our Current Inhalation Devices Suitable for Them? – Summary of the Morning Symposium

Stavros Kassinos

Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Cyprus

Friday 8th December

In silico Clinical Trials of Regional Lung Deposition: How they could impact real life product development and patient care

Philippe Rogueda

Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

Thursday 7th December

Vaping Liquids: A Formulator’s Dream?

Jeremy Clarke

Director in GSK’s Global Manufacturing Technical Function

Thursday 7th December

Where have all the Inhaled Biologics Gone?

Jonathan Reid

Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Bristol

Thursday 7th December

Understanding what Happens to Aerosols on Inhalation: Dynamics of Size and Compositional Change

Regina Scherließ

Department of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, Kiel University

Thursday 7th December

Nanoparticulate Systems for Respiratory Delivery

Amrit Paudel

Graz University of Technology

Friday 8th December

            Model informed development of dry powder inhaler (DPI) formulations and processes

Contributor speakers

Joanne Channon

What Can the Pharmaceutical Industry Learn from E-Cigarettes?

Jed Wingrove

Characterisation of a Human Nasal Spray for Nose to Brain Delivery of Insulin

Basanth Babu Eedara

Cocrystal Approach to Reduce the Aqueous Solubility and Dissolution Rate for Improved Residence Time of an Anti-Tubercular Drug in the Lungs

Susana Rodrigues

Chondroitin sulphate microparticles as antitubercular drug carriers

Cedric Thomas

Identification of contaminants on lactose using Ultrasound Acoustic-AFM. Impact on the interactions drug-carrier

Athina Skemperi

Further studies on the Drug Deposition Mechanisms of Surface-treated pMDI Canisters

Irene Rossi

Pulmonary dry powders containing a vaccine against Human papillomavirus

Ulrika Tehler

Lung-Sim: a Physiologically Based Biopharmaceutical Prediction tool

Ayasha Patel

Loading, release and activity of inhalable benzothiazinone-loaded human albumin nanocarriers for anti-tuberculosis therapy

Simon Smith

What Can the Pharmaceutical Industry Learn from E-Cigarettes?

Samantha Holmes

A Comparison of Different Anatomical Throats vs The USP Throat

Rahul Verma

Hybrid Nano-in-Micro systems for lung delivery of Host Defence Peptides (HDP) as adjunct therapeutics for Pulmonary TB

Kyrre Thalberg

Simulation of the Dose from a Dry Powder Inhaler

Sandy Munro

Matching delivery device to a patient's condition: The use of lung deposition modelling to optimise delivery in IPF

Lars Karlsson

Acoustic Emission combined with Multivariate Data Analysis as a Tool for Characterisation of Formulations for Inhalation

Ronan Mac Loughlin

A comparison of Aerosol Delivery across two High Flow Therapy interfaces: Nasal Cannula and Tracheostomy Tube

Mark Sanders

How to make a Standard Inhaler Device into a ‘Smart’ Inhaler that Teaches Technique

Daryl L. Roberts

Improved Protocol for Relating Impactor Stage Pressure Drop to the Suitability for Routine Use