Thermographic Phosphor Particle Aerosols for Simultaneous Temperature and Velocity Measurements in Gases

Christopher Abram, Benoit Fond & Frank Beyrau

Aerosols comprised of thermographic phosphor particles and a carrier gas can be used for simultaneous temperature and velocity flow measurements. Lasers are used to probe the particles, generating luminescence and scattering signals which can be detected to determine the particle temperature and velocity. The recent development of this technique is essential for fundamental studies of fluid-mechanical turbulence, convective heat transfer and reacting flows. The phosphor particle size is typically on the μm- sub-μm-scale. Our interest lies in 1) reliably producing aerosol streams for laboratory-scale experiments from these agglomerated fine powders; 2) understanding the heat transfer and particle tracing properties to infer the temperature and velocity of the gas phase; and 3) measuring the luminescence properties of individual solid particles in aerosols.

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