Spatio-temporal variations in PM10-bound Heavy metals along a Major Motorway in Ibadan, Nigeria

G Ana, A Idowo and G Adie.

The present study assessed levels of PM10-bound heavy metals along a major trafficked motor way in Ibadan. Traffic density was estimated using standard methods PM10 samples were collected from 5 purposively selected locations and at 10m intervals for three points away from the motorway using a calibrated high volume sampler. Sampling was done  for 10weeks during the dry season for morning and afternoon periods. Filter samples were processed and analysed for selected heavy metals including Pb, Cd, Cr and Cu according to std methods. The PM10 levels in all the sampling locations inclusive of the highest concentration (121.6 ± 59.8µg/m3 ) obtained were higher than the WHO guideline limits of 20µg/m3 .The concentration  of the priority heavy metal Pb (161.1 ± 108.3 mg/m3) was higher than the WHO guideline limit (0.0005 mg/m3) The mean traffic density was 3644.5± 820.7/hour. Spatial variations in PM10 and heavy metal concentrations were found to reduce with distance further away from traffic by 23.5% and 18.7% respectively. A significant positive correlation (r=0.84) was recorded between PM10 and traffic density.

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