Sensing Technology for measuring Particle Number & Mass in Indoor Environments

Much has been done to quantify exposure to poor outdoor air quality, however, less has been done to understand indoor air quality, despite the average person spending more than 90% of their time indoors, where levels can be significantly more polluted than outdoors. To address this knowledge gap, National Air Quality Testing Services (NAQTS) has developed an integrated indoor air quality monitor, the NAQTS V2000, to help raise awareness of indoor air quality and provide scientific data for informed public policy.

This presentation will introduce the community to this new technology and will include insights from more than four years of development and testing, and results from a range of different indoor environments including homes, schools, and in-vehicles. As our concept of the health effects of exposure to air pollution aerosols moves from emission source, to air quality, to personal exposure, we must further explore our dynamic patterns of exposure in space and time, which makes our exposures in indoor environments particularly important.

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