The Role of Soil Organic Matter in Cloud Ice Formation by Arable Soil Dust Aerosol

Romy Ullrich, T. Schiebel, K. Höhler, A. K. Bertram, C. Chou, P. J. DeMott, J. Fröhlich-Nowoisky, R. Funk, T. C. J. Hill, N. Hiranuma, K. Kandler, C. Linke, C. Mohr, U. Pöschl, B. Pummer, R. Ramisetty, H. Saathoff, M. Schnaiter, X. Shen, M. Si, C. J. Wong, A. Worringen, T. Leisner, O. Möhler

Soil dust aerosol from arable land contains a higher amount of soil organic matter and has been found to be potentially more ice active than the typical mineral composed desert dust. We present comprehensive laboratory investigations which aim at a fundamental understanding and quantification of the contribution of soil organics to the aerosol ice nucleation activity.

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