Preclinical sheep models for pulmonary disease and drug delivery

Rob Bischof

This work outlines the development of the Allergenix house dust mite (HDM) sheep model of acute and chronic
allergic asthma, a result of ongoing research investigations based in Melbourne, Australia. As a research model,
sheep are ideally suited for respiratory diseases to bridge the gap between rodent and humans. A suite of new
preclinical in vitro and in vivo assays have been developed with the purpose of delivering enhanced mechanistic
data, better informing efficacy study design. Central to this, our proprietary sheep model of acute and chronic
allergic asthma uses the relevant human allergen house dust mite, and represents many features of human
asthmatic disease. Further, the similar features of ovine and human airways makes sheep an enhanced model for
appropriate preclinical investigations of respiratory drug delivery and efficacy, with strong translational outcomes.
Our models provide an improved pathway for preclinical validation of new drug targets or evaluation of emerging
drug delivery technologies.

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