Measurements of IN with the Spectral Ice Nuclei Counter SPIN at Halley during Antarctic season 2015/16

Amélie Kirchgaessner, Michael Flynn, Thomas Lachlan-Cope

We will present an initial analysis of ground based INP measurements carried out in coastal Antarctica. They will also be put into context with aircraft measurements of cloud and aerosol particles carried out simultaneously in the area.

Climate and weather forecasting models perform significantly poorer in southern hemisphere high latitudes than at mid-latitudes, not least due to a lack of in situ measurements of parameters relevant to the radiation and thus surface mass balance in Antarctica. As part of the project MAC (Microphysics of Antarctic Clouds) in November and December 2015 a Spectral ice Nuclei Counter (SPIN, DMT Inc) was deployed at Halley in the Clean Air Sector Laboratory (CASLab). The instrument has a particle detection range from 0.5 – 15 μm. The detector design allows for sizing of individual particles, and discrimination between ice and water particles.

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