High Concentration Ratio Aerosol Collection Using Electrowetting and Electrostatic Precipitation

T Foat, S Parry, F Lapierre, M Jönsson-Niedziólka, V Thomy, F. Zoueshtiagh, Y. Coffinier, R. Boukherroub

This paper describes the work carried out to evaluate an electrowetting based collection system. Electrostatic precipitation has been combined with an electrowetting on dielectric (EWOD) based surface cleaning method to give high concentration ratio biological aerosol collection. A series of experiments have been conducted to assess the cleaning efficiency for an EWOD actuated liquid droplet and a range of biological samples. Greater than 90 % cleaning efficiency can be achieved using superhydrophobic EWOD surfaces for each of the three types of biological samples tested. Concentration ratios of 107 or 108 may be achievable by using sample air flow rates of 10 – 100 L/min and droplet volumes of 1 μL which may make it suitable as an alternative to cyclone based aerosol-to-liquid collection systems in the future.

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