Development of a System for Online Sampling of Exhaled Aerosols

C McGrath, J Perkins, C Dickens, P Biggs and P Warrington

Real-time simultaneous analysis of the particle and vapour phases of exhaled tobacco smoke is still a relatively unexplored area of research. A key requirement of such measurements is the efficient capture and sampling of exhaled smoke.  This paper describes the development of a sampling system which can achieve these requirements, whilst being conducive to natural smoking so that reliable and ‘realistic’ deposition data can be determined with both temporal and spatial resolution.

The system was designed for efficient capture and minimum spillage of exhaled smoke, and to provide representative and quantifiable samples to multiple instruments. The effect of flow rate through the system and position of the sub sample instrument probe on the aerosol properties and particulate chemistry of the sampled smoke were evaluated. Flow rates between 100 l.min-1 and 235 l.min-1 were tested, with 210 l.min-1  found to be optimum for the capture of exhaled smoke from human smokers.

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