ChAIN: Characterisation of Atmospheric Ice Nuclei Development of an airborne Ice Nuclei chamber

Alessia Nicosia, E Freney, M Monier, P Villani, D Picard, C Verhaege, Z A Kanji

The principal objectives of this project are to develop and construct an IN chamber that will allow us to improve our understanding on the chemical and physical properties of ice crystal residues. A collaboration with the atmospheric physics group at ETH in Zurich and the Laboratoire de Météorologie Physique at Clermont-Ferrand will allow the construction of the airborne chamber based on the design of the PINC instrument (Stetzer et al., 2008). The newly constructed chamber will be then deployed first at the puy de Dome research site alongside several online and offline instrumentation over extended periods of time, and second together with our airborne platform on aircraft. This will allow us to characterise how different atmospheric environments, meteorological conditions, and anthropogenic aerosols influence ice nuclei formation.

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