Biorelevant dissolution to differentiate formulation performance for inhalation

Beatriz Noriega


The goal of this work is to do a biorelevant characterization of dry powder fluticasone propionate for inhalation formulated as API alone, as a carrier-based formulation and as a composite spray dried formulation. The characterization was performed combining powder collection using the PreciseInhale® system, characterization by SEM and dissolution, using a state of the art biorelevant dissolution system, DissolvIt®. The three formulations exhibited different deposition patterns for similar amounts of collected API, the API alone creates filamentous structures upon deposition, the carrier-based formulation deposits agglomerates of API and lactose, and the composite formulation creates a particle net. Regarding dissolution profile, a significant difference was obtained, with the API alone formulation dissolving slower than the carrier-based formulation, which presents a slower dissolution than the composite spray dried powder, with maximum concentration of 0.17±0.04 %/mL, 0.32±0.09 %/mL and 0.9±0.3 %/mL for the API alone, the carrier-based and the composite formulation, respectively.

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