Atmospheric Ice Nuclei Measurements

Alessia Nicosia, franco belosi, M Rinaldi, S Decesari, M Paglione, S Sandrini, A Marinoni, P Cristofanelli, G Santachiara, M C Facchini

Experimental campaigns concerning measurements of Ice Nucleating Particle concentrations were carried out in the framework of BACCHUS project (FP7-603445) between 2014 and 2016 at different sampling sites: San Pietro Capofiume (SPC), a rural background site; Mace Head (MH), a North Atlantic site, and Monte Cimone (MC), a Global Atmospheric Watch station (GAW). The lower average concentration in the PM10 fraction was measured at MH (10 m-3, August 2015) and the highest at SPC (310 m-3, Feb. 2014). In addition, the importance  of measuring the freezing activity of particles larger than one micrometre has been addressed.

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